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Happy Birthday MJ!!! You are still missed, that will NEVER go away!!!

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…had to post this MJ once said this was his Fav. Song.

I hope everyone realizes what a great person && musician that we have lost!

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Happy Birthday MJ!!! You are still missed, that will NEVER go away!!!

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Just a few pics…





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Frenchy, Frenchy, Frenchy…Wee wee. NSFW PPL!!

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Every time I turned around on I Love Money this girl was always flashing somebody, so it was no surprise to me when these pics turned up. I was going to post them up earlier but just didn’t feel convinced enough to do it. Now I finally caved in. So…heeeerrreee we go..


&& these pics are about a week old so plz forgive me!



Man, you can’t say this chick’s body is not on point.



Chick is also a porn star. Also, I thought her chest was a little unreal but now, after further investigation she MAY be all naturale’ but don’t quote me on that…

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Men && Women just don’t respect Relationships anymore!?!? It’s a Cheater’s PARADISE!

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According to Out of 3,300 women polled:

— 52% of women have had sex with a married man
— 81% of women have been approached by a married man
— 60% of married men cheat
— Only 12% of women felt guilty about cheating
— A shocking 5% used a condom regularly

Sometimes, I think us ladies have a hard time believing that the man we are with is cheating on us. I have been in the situation myself and sometimes a woman can know in her heart that their “significant other” is out doing wrong but time and time again we need that SOLID proof. Something that will convince us that he’s doing what we HOPE TO GOD he is not. We need pictures, confirmation from his friends or other females. We take all of these steps while knowing deep down it’s unnecessary. I think women just don’t wanna feel duped. They want to be strong, they want to overlook the fact that “their man” doesn’t love them as much as he says he does. They want that man to know he is caught. We think by us catching him that he will instantly change…WRONG.  A person won’t change until they are ready unless they really really want to save the relationship.

 I believe you can’t have love without trust and honesty. If there is an open relationship  and line of communication from the beginning and each person knows their role from the  then that’s something totally different. However, relationships usually don’t go in that direction.

In today’s America there seems to be a loss of respect for a relationship. Whether you are married or just a girlfriend, our men have loss sight of the fact that when you choose to be in a relationship, you choose to be with that person and only that person.

All too many times us women continually forgive and forget. We are giving these men power over us. We are giving these men ammunition to think that it’s OK to treat us women in that way. Now, I’m not the type to say all men are “dogs,” but the ones that “are” have been made to believe that they can get away with it. If a women lets a men disrespect her why would he ever do anything but that. He’s still getting everything he wants from that women, so why treat you like the Queen you are?? I know many guys that have said they had to barely do anything to get a chick to buy them a car, pay a bill for them, or just flat out give them money. All they have to do is say

“oh yea, you’re my girlfriend!” “Oh yea, girl, OF COURSE I Love you.”

C’mon now. If that men isn’t putting in the time with you, if he isn’t uplifting you instead of taking from you then that’s not the man for you. That man doesn’t “love you,” that man loves what you’re doing for him.

NOT ALL WOMEN BUT SOME are like this. I have also been in this situation once (with a cheater, NOT with giving anybody my money) so i’m not trying to bash anyone. I can’t sit up here and talk about something that I know nothing about…so yea, but that’s my little disclaimer.

Back to the topic at hand, we give these men the power. When he “puts a ring on it” even after he’s cheated on you many times before, why in the WORLD would you think that just because the two of you said “I Do” that he really will. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t think I will ever marry. Everybody tells me that i’m crazy for not wanting to get married and i’m a women, but, to me, marriage is only A PIECE OF PAPER and a big ceremony people.

I REFUSE to get married and then get a divorce. If that’s gonna be the case we should have just kicked it and then broke up when we couldn’t stand each other, but now we have to deal with paperwork && the courts. For better or for worse is what marriage is supposed to be about, I know, but it’s also supposed to be about monogamy, so until I completely know that I have  THAT there will be no Queen marrying anybody…anywhere…anytime soon.


So, what you guys think about Marriage in 2009?

Is it the same? What has changed? Do you ever plan on getting married?

Do you think all men are dogs? Why or Why Not? Do you think there are still good men left?

Why is it do you think that we keep forgiving these men for treating us badly?

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Texting while Driving!? How Deadly is it really!??

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**Texting while Driving Video**
— This is a PSA video on the subject. This video has received a lot of controversy on how graphic it is, but I think it’s doing a little too much. Seems too staged, but it does make you think. This could happen as a result of texting…but just a little over the top…..

I know I and many (if not all) of my friends are guilty of doing this. Your phone starts ringing and you just feel like you have to answer the call or text. Ever since I’ve had a phone I have both texted and talked while I was behind the wheel. The only time that I didn’t do it was while my mom was in the car.

Texting and talking while driving, I believe is something that people don’t think is a big deal. It goes back to that invincibility. Humans believe they can do just about anything and the outcome won’t be bad. People take lots of things for granted & driving is one of them. I know i’m a guilty party as well, so i’m not trying to sound all “holier than thou.” People don’t really regret things that they’ve done until it’s too late.

So, I guess people started banding together in support of the No talking while Driving Rule which took effect a couple of months ago. When this rule surfaced, I really thought it was kind of stupid. I mean, I knew it wasn’t going to stop anyone from talking on the phone regardless of the fact that they are operating a motor vehicle. If you can’t stop people from answering their phone in a movie theatre, you definitely can’t stop them in their own car, UNLESS there is a police officer driving past.

What I can’t understand though, is, if it’s sooooo unsafe, WHY ARE POLICE OFFICERS STILL DOING IT!?!? But that’s neither here nor there. That’s another subject all together.

Recently, they just decided that texting should also be banned. Now, even though I do both, I KNOW that texting while driving is VERY VERY unsafe and no one should do it but I only have control over myself, so recently I have stopped. I just don’t wanna take that risk anymore. They should have banned texting a long time ago. I believe that talking should still be allowed. Bluetooths can’t really  help the situation. You can still be too much into your conversation that you are not too much paying attention to what you are doing but i’m not the law either…so, like I said, I can only change me.

So tell me what you guys think about the whole “Texting while Driving” video and your thoughts on the situation.
Do you text and talk while driving?

Do you care if it’s unsafe?

 Why do you think Americans love their phones so much?

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Sorry, but I HAD to do this. This is unacceptable!

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Man, if you ever decide to let your dreads get THIS raggedy you should definitely look into a different type of hairstyle. This is a waste of hair. Sorry to judge, but this is a definite



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…and the plot THICKENS!!! Ryan, “Megan wants a Millionaire” found DEAD!

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As E! Online is reporting…



The manhunt for murder suspect Ryan Jenkins is officially over. Canadian police found the former reality star dead in a hotel room the afternoon of August 23rd, E! News confirmed.

Authorities have not yet released an official cause of death, but police say the 32-year-old died of an apparent suicide. He reportedly hung himself.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police found his body in a motel room in Hope, British Columbia, a town 84 miles east of Vancouver.

The death ends an international manhunt for the “Megan Wants a Millionaire” finalist, who fled to his native Canada on foot last week.

“The sadness of all this is that Mr. Jenkins will not be standing before an Orange County jury for his crime,” Buena Park Police Lt. Steve Holliday said in a press conference last night.

Jenkins was charged in the gruesome murder of his ex-wife, former swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore, after her body was found stuffed in a suitcase inside of a trash bin on Aug. 15. Fiore, 28, was missing her teeth and fingers.

Jenkins, who met and married Fiore within the span of just a few weeks this spring, quickly moved from “person of interest” to person charged with murder.

It’s a tag his death may not relieve.

“I do believe he participated in the murder,” Holliday said. “Because there’s additional information we’re following up on, I can’t expand any further than that.”

Holliday added that Jenkins’ vehicle is a “key piece of evidence in this investigation,” but declined to confirm reports that Fiore was killed in the car.

“We’re lucky to have that car. And we would love to have seen Ryan Jenkins stand before an Orange County jury.”

**My 2 Cents**

I really don’t know exactly how I feel about this situation but I do feel that the media and world were way too quick to judge this man. The only thing they are/were saying is that Fiore && Jenkins were having problems. The last time that I checked having problems in a relationship doesn’t automatically mean that he killed her. Yes, maybe he could have been extremely upset, but at the same time Fiore was a model && there could have been people in her life that she did wrong, there could be other people that want to hurt her or maybe she just met the wrong person on the wrong night.

I think once the police have a theory in their mind there is really no getting around it. The fact that he “committed suicide” (allegedly) would probably make someone think that he is guilty for sure, but I think that we will never know. I mean, Jenkins was about to become a little famous, as famous as a Reality Show can make someone. He was stealing the show && Megan’s heart from the beginning..

However, don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending him, I don’t know either party. I don’t know what happened either but there should be further investigation && I know that there will be some, so when I find another article on the happenings I will definitely post them here…

Thanks for visiting my blog — The Queen.

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Natural Hair Post #2: 8/21/09

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so.. this is my second post about my Natural Hair Journey. I was recently rocking some cornrows (that I did myself by the way) and just took that transition style down. I just wanted to do a quick update on what i’m doing to my hair since I took my braids down && how I keep it moisturized. It seems that my hair has grown at least a half-inch, as well, but those braids also take a toll. I’m glad that I don’t have to constantly comb my hair everyday, but I easily get frustrated when unraveling. I had many many knots and tangles and I was literally ripping at my hair && now I regret it. I know I should NOT have done my hair like that but next time i’ll try to do better. I’m still new to this “demarcation line” so hair, please bare with me!

Before I braided my hair up && after my big chop (in the back) I wasn’t really comfortable wearing my hair out but now that it has grown some I love it…I think it’s pretty nice. It’s also helping me to embrace && love my natural hair as it is. I will probably add pics later. I just don’t really have the time tonight.

My Moisturizer
–My Moisturizer.

While in transition mode, I have been rocking the two-strand twist style, as well as the braids (switching of). I am loving this transition style. It’s easy to do && it helps to keep your hair moisturized. What I usually do is just twist my hair at night (while wet), applying my shea butter mixture && moisturizer to each of the strands to twist. This way my entire head gets equal treatment when it comes to the care of it. I may sometimes also spray my hair with this little concoction of mine: mostly just different types of oils && water just to keep my hair extra soft.

–This is a link to a tutorial of RusticBeauty’s two strand twist, just for those of you that are curious as to what i’m talking about in this post..

In the morning I just undo the twists && style as I choose. Most of the time you have to pick out the roots because it’s easy for the hair to keep the parts you make in order to twist.

So I just wake up, untwist, pick apart the strands && then pick out the roots for more fullness..

I’m sure this is a common and well-known transitioning && natural style. Wish me luck on my journey!!
Tips && Suggestions are much appreciated!!!!!!!

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