Amber Rose: C-D Lister?..

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Amber Rose Looking Fire Red

This chick right here is Fierce! I really can’t deny it, as much as I want to. Rose has style, individuality, creativeness and she’s bold && dramatic. I absolutely love this chick and I don’t even know what she does for a living.

Kanye really put this girl on and she is milking her 15 for everything it’s got. I wouldn’t be surprised if she started doing Camel commercials. I don’t know about her experience but I wouldn’t be surprised to see her on the big or small screen. She’s already been on the computer screen, exhaustingly so. Hailing from a stripper to a spotlight Diva, this chick really found her a ‘Ye –this is what I call guys that let girls use them for what they have && don’t mind it. She has helped both of their situations.

Rose already has people trying to imitate her style and fierce blond hair, however Rose just has one of those faces…some of her looks only work on HER. So, if you don’t have the face then please don’t try to taste her style. That’s one thing about this world people rely too much on Celebrities. They get their slang, dances, style and swag from celebrities. When someone like Amber Rose comes on the scene and shakes things up, people wanna imitate her calling it “different,” but I guess it’s just Human Nature and the world we are living in right now.

I know I can talk all of the BS, but I can admit I’m not a bold person but I know what I like. However, you don’t have to be bold to be different anyway. I’m getting there step by step and day by day. Trying to figure out who I am and what I like. It takes time for everyone. However, it helps A LOT when you have a stylist that is a phone-call away..

Amber Rose Strippin in Pink


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