The Twerk Team really be Twerkin’ it though!

Posted on August 9, 2009. Filed under: Job | Tags: , , , , , , | you guys know I LOVESS my YouTube subscriptions. Mostly I have subbed to many natural hair females & also one that’s not natural, but has many great tips && styles. So one day I was on Youtube and I just stumble onto this “girl group” (you could say) of dancers.

They call themselves the Twerk Team.

The members consist of: Lady L, Miss Twerksum && Betty Butt. Not really feeling Betty’s name but OK, it’s not mine, so to each his own. I don’t know how or even why I started watching these videos but they are pretty good, or should I say VERRY good at what THEY do. I have actually just recently subscribed to them && but I can say I love the videos.

I could sit here all day and give you all types of reasons why they shouldn’t do this or that and what they should be doing instead, but at the same time everyone is different. Everybody is looking for a come up nowadays and I think they have found a perfect way to get their foot in the door, even if they do have to go the back way. They already know guys are going to love the videos and it only takes the right guy to notice them, then they are on their way to being on top. I’m not saying there aren’t any women in high places, but they probably wouldn’t endorse a group like this. Honestly I really don’t know if I would. Then again that’s more money to be made but I would really just have to be in the situation to actually know what I would do.

I am posting one of their vids that I enjoy and you guys let me know if you enjoy the video & why or why not? What do you think about the “Twerk Team”?? Would you be involved in a group like this or what?? Would you pay to go see their performances?? Inquiring minds would LOVE to know. Lol.



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4 Responses to “The Twerk Team really be Twerkin’ it though!”

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I read some of your articles and they are interesting. One thing though, i think you need to proof read your articles before you post them. There are so many grammatical errors. It’s as if you never went to school. For example there is a difference between their and they’re your and you’re :-/ . Good luck with the blog.

Yea..sorry I do know that. I have been to college && it’s funny you say that b/c I thought I was pretty good at that stuff. English is my forte but when i’m writing i’m just trying to get my thoughts out so sometimes I do mess up. I try to go over the post but sometimes I don’t have enough time. Thanks for your comment && I do appreciate yoU!

I love me some twerk team. They do them and they don’t give a f*ck what these flat booty, self-empowerment, non-dancing fools have to say. I didn’t even know about them until Ms Twerksum’s topless pics got on the net. Honestly, I’m not a fan of the dark skin one.

I do REALLY DISLIKE this Gucci mane music though. Please dance to something else.

wat u gays can move you assess

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