Now…I ain’t saying you a Gold Digger, yo’ n*gga said that!!

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As you can see from the title, this post is about alllll the females and males out there that are looking for another to support them. This is a way of life that I probably will never understand but maybe…hopefully someone can enlighten me further on this subject…

First, I wanna say that I have never been a Digger and I have never aspired to be one. The thought of being one never even crossed my mind. Since I was young I always knew that I wanted to be an independent person && I don’t ever wanna have to rely on anyone for anything. I would rather be able to stand on my own two feet. If anything, I would rather someone have to ask me for something than vice versa. I am, however, guilty of always thinking everyone is like me, or should at least be more like me I guess that’s why i’m so judgmental on the topic. I do know that those thoughts are unrealistic however, because people are gonna live their lives how they want regardless of what’s right and/or wrong.

Yesterday, me && my guy friend were talking about this subject as we were riding up to this restaurant we like. We started to just talk about this girl that he always says is so “fine” and so “bad” but she’s just a hoe && a Gold Digger. So anyway, he was basically telling me that she was the type of chick that only messed with guys that had money && was strong about it, like she was on some “NO exceptions type stuff.”

OK!? For what though? The chick is 22 or so and she doesn’t have anything to show for herself except what the next dude can give her?? Granted, she does now have a job. She’s a Bartendress and from what her sister says she makes good money but she is still out there…hunting. Searching for someone to pay her bills and whatever else..

So my guy friend was like, “Oh yea, now that I think about it she was probably only with me because of some chain that I had at the time.” He said she used to talk about the chain a lot and how much it “blinged.” WTF!? A chain?? Ok, i’m like I can understand if he was going to give her the chain but that wasn’t going to happen. He did say that the chain looked expensive, so that’s probably why she was with him. He LOOKED like he had a little bit of money. I think, at that point in time that was acceptable to her because she really had just started getting into the digging game. At that time she was probably still on small fish..hmmm..FAIL. This chick may be cute but you’re gonna sell your goodies for a chain that you’re not EVEN GOING TO WEAR!??! Yea, i’m definitely not getting that…&& won’t.

Ok, so next thing. I’m like dang, you are too pretty to be running after a guy just b/c of his money man. Doesn’t personality && a kind heart mean anything anymore?? I guess to some, like me, but girls like me are slowly dying out. We should be on an endangered species list for real though. There is nothing but Gold Diggers && Hoodrats running around claiming to be independent woman and don’t need a man, but the minute a guy flashes a BMW or a Hummer girls are ready to give it up.

I just don’t understand..

So anyway, my sister && I were talking on the phone the other day and she kinda explained to me that she doesn’t have to talk to a guy with money, but at least you have to be on your way there. She won’t talk to any one that is just plain broke and when she told me the reason it really did make sense. She was explaining to me that a guy w/ no money is willing to do anything to get it.

In life, as of that moment, getting money is his main priority so he will use a girl, steal, say whatever has to be said to get that out of that girl. She was basically saying if he doesn’t have it ($$) then he doesn’t care about life. His only goal is to get over and get up, by any means necessary. When she was telling me that I was like danngggg, that is soo true.

It really is, but still.

I’ve never been in the situation, for the simple fact that I never have given a guy money and I never will unless it’s a 50/50 type situation. I’m the type of girl that doesn’t mind going dutch or you know, one day I pay and one day you pay. As a matter of fact I really think that’s how it should be. Not one person should be carrying all the weight on their shoulders, but that’s just my opinion.

I mean, there are Gold Diggers on both sides. A girl always has another girl, or sometimes a guy in her ear talking about, “Yea I know you might not like him but girlllll get what you can get out of him.” I hate when someone tells me that. I’m not about to use the next person to get some money?! It’s just not that serious. I’d rather go out and find my own job and then not have to ask anybody for any money at all.

On the other hand too, a guy is always gonna try and test his boundaries and see what he CAN get out of a female. I think nowadays a lot of ladies are so pressed to have a man that they will try to buy his love && affection, which doesn’t work but they try this method anyway. Plus, you also shouldn’t do that because the minute you stop giving the money or when you’re unable to give the money anymore, I GUARANTEE that man is going to be gone right along with the funding opportunities. That’s how you will really know if you’re getting played.

Tell your “partner” or suspected Gold Digger that you don’t have the money for something when they ask. If they get all mad and don’t talk to you for a minute then you know you got a user on your hands and beware.

All I can say is that I HOPE you are not in Love and RUNNNNNNN!!!!!

So, I wanna know from the guys and girls reading this blog, have you ever been or do you know any diggers?? Why do you think they choose this lifestyle? Would you consider it?? What parts of my post do you agree and disagree with?

Inquiring minds would LOVEE to know..Lol.


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