…one more date with the EX?? After you’ve moved on??

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This segment of the Tyra Banks Show was about three people that were in somewhat of a “love triangle”.

From Left to Right.
Contessa– the current girlfriend/fiance.
Brian– Man in the Middle.
Jamila–the Ex.

…here is the link to the video (I tried to add the video from the Tyra website but it wasn’t working out so you can check it out here..
One More Date with the Ex.

The show starts out with Jamila (the ex) telling Tyra about how much she still has feelings for her ex, Brian. She came on the show because she wanted one more date with him, to see if old feelings were still there. Jamila says she just never got over Brian and you can tell. She explained that she stills gets butterflies when she sees or talks about him. They’ve known each other since she was 16 years old. She is pretty much still in love with him, but on the other hand it seemed like Brian had pretty much moved on from her.

Jamila keeps saying throughout the whole show that she broke up with him && they were only supposed to take a break. They had agreed that they would not get into a serious relationship with anyone…but he did. On the show, she seems very alone and bitter without Brian, but at the same time a lot of women are this way, but have alterior motives. I believe Jamila is guilty of this. Whenever their ex gets a new woman they get very jealous and want the ex back. Brian also stated that everytime he tries to start something with a new girl Jamila always pops back up into the picture.

So, the current girlfriend, Contessa comes onto the set and she is a strikingly beautiful lady. Jamila is a pretty girl too, but in my eyes Contessa was much more so, but that is the farthest thing from what’s important right now.

What I don’t understand is why would Contessa want to do a show like this? Jamila was very adamant about “getting HER man back.” She said even if Contessa && Brian were married and had kids Jamila would still love him and want him. I understand that people never forget about a true or first love, but completely disregarding the fact that he is about to get married is totally wrong.

Brian && Contessa both said that, previosly, on many occasions they have told Jamila there is no future there. Brian said on the show he was ready to change his number and never talk to her again. I was like DANNNGG, if she still wants him after that then something is truly wrong with her. He was point blank just telling her there is nothing there and he doesn’t want anything else to do with her and wouldn’t care if she was out of his life for good.

The one thing I loved about this episode, though, was that Contessa was completely TRUSTING in her man. That was a beautiful thing to see, but she also said they have been through it all with Jamila. Jamila has done so many things to where Contessa doesn’t believe anything she says at this point. Jamila did end up telling Tyra that Brian had taken her back to the hotel, after SHE asked && him too && she says they had sex, which I do think is a lie. Contessa’s face didn’t even seem surprised. That’s when I knew it was probably a lie. Contessa said she expected for Jamila to say something like that. She knew it was coming. There is now way that the audience would know what they have been through with this girl, and I’m sorry, but Jamilla does seem a little crazy.

I believe she is trying her hardest to get someone back that doesn’t want her. On their date he just seemed uninterested. It was more like a friendship type date. Also, on the other hand i’m sure Brian was smart enough to know that anything he did on TV would get back to his fiance, so that could be part of it also.

At the end of the show Brian did end up proposing to his “fiance.” Yea, confusing right!??! They said they had to tell Jamila they were engaged in HOPES of her leaving them alone && that still didn’t work.

I just can’t stand girls like Jamilla, I really can’t. I would bet that if Brian was broke && alone she wouldn’t even think 2 seconds about him, but then again I don’t know. She was the one that did break up with him so she can’t be mad that he moved on and couldn’t wait on her forever..

So I wanna know what you guys think…if you had the chance would you go on one last date with an ex to see if there was still a spark there?

What if you were on the other end, the new person in their life?? Would you let your new companion go out with their ex?

Any comments or questions are welcome…I really wanna know how people feel about this subject.


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