Can’t talk freaky around JOE! He gets uncomfortable! I guess he got a rep to protect!

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This video is from a radio show called Lip Service. I have never heard the show live or anything, just found it on YouTube. It’s pretty interesting.

Basically there are two freaky-deeky females that have plenty of celebrity guests. They just ask them off the hook questions about sex, about what they like, about what the celeb would let them do….&& so on && so forth.

These chicks are really comfortable with themselves, and really doing a lot. I wonder if they are considered to be some “hoes.” I really don’t know how they get down so I don’t just wanna say it like that, but from this radio show it seems they get pretty down && dirty with it.

So, on this show they had “nice guy” Joe in the spotlight. He was kinda into it but in the end he wasn’t having it. I’m sure if the mics && cams weren’t in his face he probably would have been down to have sex with them (just speculating) but in the end he was trying to protect his image…shoot..his “mom could be watching.”

I respect Joe for that though. He was thinking about his fans that do see him as that good guy. He wanted to uphold that for them, so you really can’t knock him.

What do you guys think? Would you look at Joe differently (or any “nice R&B singer guy), would you like them or their music any less??


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