…and the plot THICKENS!!! Ryan, “Megan wants a Millionaire” found DEAD!

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As E! Online is reporting…



The manhunt for murder suspect Ryan Jenkins is officially over. Canadian police found the former reality star dead in a hotel room the afternoon of August 23rd, E! News confirmed.

Authorities have not yet released an official cause of death, but police say the 32-year-old died of an apparent suicide. He reportedly hung himself.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police found his body in a motel room in Hope, British Columbia, a town 84 miles east of Vancouver.

The death ends an international manhunt for the “Megan Wants a Millionaire” finalist, who fled to his native Canada on foot last week.

“The sadness of all this is that Mr. Jenkins will not be standing before an Orange County jury for his crime,” Buena Park Police Lt. Steve Holliday said in a press conference last night.

Jenkins was charged in the gruesome murder of his ex-wife, former swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore, after her body was found stuffed in a suitcase inside of a trash bin on Aug. 15. Fiore, 28, was missing her teeth and fingers.

Jenkins, who met and married Fiore within the span of just a few weeks this spring, quickly moved from “person of interest” to person charged with murder.

It’s a tag his death may not relieve.

“I do believe he participated in the murder,” Holliday said. “Because there’s additional information we’re following up on, I can’t expand any further than that.”

Holliday added that Jenkins’ vehicle is a “key piece of evidence in this investigation,” but declined to confirm reports that Fiore was killed in the car.

“We’re lucky to have that car. And we would love to have seen Ryan Jenkins stand before an Orange County jury.”

**My 2 Cents**

I really don’t know exactly how I feel about this situation but I do feel that the media and world were way too quick to judge this man. The only thing they are/were saying is that Fiore && Jenkins were having problems. The last time that I checked having problems in a relationship doesn’t automatically mean that he killed her. Yes, maybe he could have been extremely upset, but at the same time Fiore was a model && there could have been people in her life that she did wrong, there could be other people that want to hurt her or maybe she just met the wrong person on the wrong night.

I think once the police have a theory in their mind there is really no getting around it. The fact that he “committed suicide” (allegedly) would probably make someone think that he is guilty for sure, but I think that we will never know. I mean, Jenkins was about to become a little famous, as famous as a Reality Show can make someone. He was stealing the show && Megan’s heart from the beginning..

However, don’t get me wrong. I’m not defending him, I don’t know either party. I don’t know what happened either but there should be further investigation && I know that there will be some, so when I find another article on the happenings I will definitely post them here…

Thanks for visiting my blog — The Queen.


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