Texting while Driving!? How Deadly is it really!??

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**Texting while Driving Video**
— This is a PSA video on the subject. This video has received a lot of controversy on how graphic it is, but I think it’s doing a little too much. Seems too staged, but it does make you think. This could happen as a result of texting…but just a little over the top…..

I know I and many (if not all) of my friends are guilty of doing this. Your phone starts ringing and you just feel like you have to answer the call or text. Ever since I’ve had a phone I have both texted and talked while I was behind the wheel. The only time that I didn’t do it was while my mom was in the car.

Texting and talking while driving, I believe is something that people don’t think is a big deal. It goes back to that invincibility. Humans believe they can do just about anything and the outcome won’t be bad. People take lots of things for granted & driving is one of them. I know i’m a guilty party as well, so i’m not trying to sound all “holier than thou.” People don’t really regret things that they’ve done until it’s too late.

So, I guess people started banding together in support of the No talking while Driving Rule which took effect a couple of months ago. When this rule surfaced, I really thought it was kind of stupid. I mean, I knew it wasn’t going to stop anyone from talking on the phone regardless of the fact that they are operating a motor vehicle. If you can’t stop people from answering their phone in a movie theatre, you definitely can’t stop them in their own car, UNLESS there is a police officer driving past.

What I can’t understand though, is, if it’s sooooo unsafe, WHY ARE POLICE OFFICERS STILL DOING IT!?!? But that’s neither here nor there. That’s another subject all together.

Recently, they just decided that texting should also be banned. Now, even though I do both, I KNOW that texting while driving is VERY VERY unsafe and no one should do it but I only have control over myself, so recently I have stopped. I just don’t wanna take that risk anymore. They should have banned texting a long time ago. I believe that talking should still be allowed. Bluetooths can’t really  help the situation. You can still be too much into your conversation that you are not too much paying attention to what you are doing but i’m not the law either…so, like I said, I can only change me.

So tell me what you guys think about the whole “Texting while Driving” video and your thoughts on the situation.
Do you text and talk while driving?

Do you care if it’s unsafe?

 Why do you think Americans love their phones so much?


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