Men && Women just don’t respect Relationships anymore!?!? It’s a Cheater’s PARADISE!

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According to Out of 3,300 women polled:

— 52% of women have had sex with a married man
— 81% of women have been approached by a married man
— 60% of married men cheat
— Only 12% of women felt guilty about cheating
— A shocking 5% used a condom regularly

Sometimes, I think us ladies have a hard time believing that the man we are with is cheating on us. I have been in the situation myself and sometimes a woman can know in her heart that their “significant other” is out doing wrong but time and time again we need that SOLID proof. Something that will convince us that he’s doing what we HOPE TO GOD he is not. We need pictures, confirmation from his friends or other females. We take all of these steps while knowing deep down it’s unnecessary. I think women just don’t wanna feel duped. They want to be strong, they want to overlook the fact that “their man” doesn’t love them as much as he says he does. They want that man to know he is caught. We think by us catching him that he will instantly change…WRONG.  A person won’t change until they are ready unless they really really want to save the relationship.

 I believe you can’t have love without trust and honesty. If there is an open relationship  and line of communication from the beginning and each person knows their role from the  then that’s something totally different. However, relationships usually don’t go in that direction.

In today’s America there seems to be a loss of respect for a relationship. Whether you are married or just a girlfriend, our men have loss sight of the fact that when you choose to be in a relationship, you choose to be with that person and only that person.

All too many times us women continually forgive and forget. We are giving these men power over us. We are giving these men ammunition to think that it’s OK to treat us women in that way. Now, I’m not the type to say all men are “dogs,” but the ones that “are” have been made to believe that they can get away with it. If a women lets a men disrespect her why would he ever do anything but that. He’s still getting everything he wants from that women, so why treat you like the Queen you are?? I know many guys that have said they had to barely do anything to get a chick to buy them a car, pay a bill for them, or just flat out give them money. All they have to do is say

“oh yea, you’re my girlfriend!” “Oh yea, girl, OF COURSE I Love you.”

C’mon now. If that men isn’t putting in the time with you, if he isn’t uplifting you instead of taking from you then that’s not the man for you. That man doesn’t “love you,” that man loves what you’re doing for him.

NOT ALL WOMEN BUT SOME are like this. I have also been in this situation once (with a cheater, NOT with giving anybody my money) so i’m not trying to bash anyone. I can’t sit up here and talk about something that I know nothing about…so yea, but that’s my little disclaimer.

Back to the topic at hand, we give these men the power. When he “puts a ring on it” even after he’s cheated on you many times before, why in the WORLD would you think that just because the two of you said “I Do” that he really will. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t think I will ever marry. Everybody tells me that i’m crazy for not wanting to get married and i’m a women, but, to me, marriage is only A PIECE OF PAPER and a big ceremony people.

I REFUSE to get married and then get a divorce. If that’s gonna be the case we should have just kicked it and then broke up when we couldn’t stand each other, but now we have to deal with paperwork && the courts. For better or for worse is what marriage is supposed to be about, I know, but it’s also supposed to be about monogamy, so until I completely know that I have  THAT there will be no Queen marrying anybody…anywhere…anytime soon.


So, what you guys think about Marriage in 2009?

Is it the same? What has changed? Do you ever plan on getting married?

Do you think all men are dogs? Why or Why Not? Do you think there are still good men left?

Why is it do you think that we keep forgiving these men for treating us badly?


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5 Responses to “Men && Women just don’t respect Relationships anymore!?!? It’s a Cheater’s PARADISE!”

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I think they fake….. Her nipples are way too small for the size of her boobs!

I think you meant to comment on the above post about Angelique..

This is my two cents. If you ask any man, “If Halle Berry gave you a chance would you cheat on her,even if she only sexxed once a week?”……A good percentage of those men would say,”no!” Why? Because most men wont think that they can do better than Halle,she is the top of the mountain. Therefore ladies if you’re with a man and he’s cheated on you,you go to the mall and he has eyes for everygirl but you…..let em go.Especially before the ring pops up.This is why dating nowadays is soo important.Who cares what your favorite color is,am I attractive to you,are our spirits matching,do your goals match mine……do you know what love REALLY is? These questions answerewd honestly stop divorce before marriage even starts.

For the married couples such as I, you hear about men cheating all the time.But do you hear about folks cursing the wife out or getting in her face about taking care of that bed so his eyes dont wander? HELLL NOO! Its a tragedy when a married man falls prey, but nobody gives a heck when that man asks his wife “Honey, I need you to be aggressive or wear more lingerie,or participate,initiate more,” and she brushes it off like ” you dont need all that!” … two cents.

I agree with you on some points but some men are just cheaters, no matter what you do, no matter how much you try to please them. It’s in a man’s nature to cheat if you go back in history but as evolving creatures we are supposed to be better, however some men let their instincts take over. Also, Eric Benet had Halle Berry and he STILL cheated on her. He “claims” he was an addict, but I know many women were like “Dang, if he cheated on HER then I have no chance of trying to change someone.”

You have a point with Eric….I forgot all about his DUMBASS!

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