A Few Natural Hair tips for my Ladies!!! Natural Hair Post #3 9/1/09

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1. —> The “Golden Rule.”

— Keep your Hair Moisturized Ladies!! I cannot stress this enough. This will make your hair much stronger and will help you to retain length. When I started my journey I found a great moisturizer that I LOVEEEE!! I can now tell you that my hair thanks me everyday! (The moisturizer that I use is mentioned in both of my previous Natural Hair Posts.)

African-American hair needs moisture, as well as a good conditioner to stay healthy.

2. —> Find the RIGHT CONDITIONER for YOUR hair.

— Instant and Leave-In Conditioners are great for African-American hair. They coat, give the hair body and they shine, rapidly. The right conditioner can do wonders for your hair. Conditioners serve the purpose of reconstructioning and preventing any further damage to the hair. However, these conditioners often contain “cones” or silicones, which make the hair look shiny but also seals the cuticles off. When the cuticles are sealed off, anything else you try to add to the hair (such as a moisturizer) WILL NOT be able to penetrate the hair strand until the hair is washed. So, try to use a Conditioner, Hair Lotion or a Leave-In that doesn’t contain any silicones. These will help to protect the hair during the day. Also, try to choose an all natural lotion with EFA’s and Natural Oils.


— Ladies, one of the most important parts of maintaining length while “transitioning” or while natural is to find a deep penetrating conditioner, that works for your hair. This is a conditioner that absorbs into the hair shaft to improve overall health and appearance. These are usually made from Keratin and Amino Acids. Some good oils that could be added to your conditioner are


These are all penetrating moisture-rich oils which contain protein and vitamins that help to reduce breakage and splitting.

**Make sure to thoroughly rinse out any conditioner in your hair! (unless, of course, it’s a Leave-In)

4. —> Don’t Forget to Shampoo!

Now, I haven’t been natural that long and still not completely natural so i’ve heard all the buzz about cowashing. I’ve used this method and it works great, but you can’t forget to shampoo your hair. The most important thing to remember is that you just don’t want to over shampoo your hair. Even if you shampoo twice a month, it will help your hair, but don’t think that you NEED shampoo to have healthy hair. As an African-American we must protect against dry hair and also an unhealthy, clogged and dirty scalp. I wash once every week, but, like I said, once every two weeks is fine. It’s best to try to use a moisturizing shampoo or a natural shampoo with all natural products and oils. Also, it’s becoming more and more popular to make your own shampoo.

5. —> When styling from Home, Section EvenlY!

I remember in my relaxing days how frustrated I would get with my new growth. I used to HATE working with it. I used to just wish I could rip it apart. When taking out my braids…mannnn. I just felt like cutting my hair off, so many times. I was impatient with my hair but along my journey i’ve learned to be more patient with my hair. I’ve learned that it takes time to learn the ins and outs of AA hair and you just have to think about the health of it in the end. I recommend finding a good, natural hair oil and apply directly to the scalp and distribute down to the ends, concentrating there. Follow with a Leave-In or Hair Lotion and/or Moisturizer and repeat daily. Most importantly TAKE YOUR TIME. I know how frustrating it can be, but eventually you will learn.

My 6th and Last Step—> Pay CLOSE Attention to your ENDS!!

This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR HAIR, because it’s the “deadest” you have to take extra special care of your ends if your goal is to maintain length. African-American hair needs lots of care, lots of moisture as the ends. When conditioning or even applying protein treatments/hair lotion, etc., target your ends!

**IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED MORE CLARIFICATION PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS POST! If you have any questions on the products that I use just refer back to my previous “Natural Hair Posts.”**


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3 Responses to “A Few Natural Hair tips for my Ladies!!! Natural Hair Post #3 9/1/09”

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All of your points are essential for maintaining natural hair, especially deep conditioning consistently. I should know, I have been natural for 5 years. The only thing that I would add is grease, yes grease that scalp!

♥ Islandista

Yea, but I don’t really like to use “grease” unless you’re talking about oil && I bet your hair is so beautiful Islandista!

Also don’t forget to pamper your hair at night while sleeping, investing in a 100% silk hair cap found at http://www.littlesilkhaircap.com is the bomb! My hair maintains moisture longer, is healthy, and well cared for.

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