A Day Off Work

Sorry you Guys, but i’m back now!!!

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I am so sorry to all of the people that follow my site, or even visit me and have been waiting on new content. My internet has been down for a long time, and then I was in the process of moving back and forth from Oakland to Stockton, CA.

I haven’t had much time to post with all the things going on in my life right now, but I promise to do better!!

Thanks to the people that have still been visiting my site!!!

—Just wanted to Apologize!

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Usually I don’t do this but…..

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i’ma do it Today…

This is what was happening in my world yesterday. As my Twitterlings** know me and my Mr. had to go to court early morning yesterday. So, since he works graveyard and gets off around 10:30 AM he was unable to go to work, so after court we just chilled the whole day.

We went to go see Inglourious Basterds, the movie with Brad Pitt && directed by Quentin Tarantino…

GREAT MOVIE BY THE WAY. Brad really did his thing, he hasn’t missed a beat. I recommend anyone to go see this. However, if you have a weak stomach (like me) there are probably going to be a lot of parts you can’t watch but other than that it was great!

Ok..so in the middle of the movie me and my Mr. start talking about one of his fantasies. Ask me HOW we got on this Topic?!? I will never know, but nonetheless we were into it. So he tells me he’s always had a fantasy about F’ing a white girl from the 50’s with a polka dot skirt on and those little jackets they used to wear back then.


I’m like OK! Where does a fantasy like that come from?, but I know some of mine are kinda weird so…I thought it was funny. He was jokingly like “Can you get me one for my BDay??” Then he proceeded to tell me all the reasons why I would not, and I just said, “You’d be surprised.”

I guess what made him think about his surprise fantasy yesterday, was the fact that I did have on a plaid skirt with some cute little pink lace panties underneath. While watching the movie (like they always do) his hands start to slide up my skirt, trying desperately to reach the center….ACCESS DENIED!

“Watch the Movie Please!!!,” I tell him. He turns to the screen for a couple of seconds and tries again…still. No Progess. Lol. So by this time we both have the thought of the fantasy in our heads. He’s still sliding up in there and I give him a little leeway and then close up on him. The longer you wait, the sweeter it will be, that’s one of my mottos. So now..

..we get home, put on “Super Fly,” some pimp Movie. I don’t know. His sneaky self puts some R. Kelly on. My Mr. is so funny though, he starts doing a little strip tease and I couldn’t help it, but I start laughing. This boy KNOWS that he can’t dance but he was being so sweet trying to be sexy for his lady. Lol, so anyways, he crawls over to me. He starts kissing me on my neck, on my lips, and then back to my neck.

Meanwhile, just so you know, i’m still wearing my whole get-up. Skirt, shirt, belt, everything. Ya know, i’m trying to make one of his fantasies come true. So, we’re kissing, his hands are wandering, finally getting that access they have so desired. I can tell we are both really getting into it by this point. My Mr. really knows what to do in these types of situations, considering he’s had much more experience than I have.

So, for the reason that I don’t wanna be too graphic we start going at it. As soon as we get into it though, it’s a little different. It’s a little better, I don’t know if it’s the fantasy aspect or what, but something is different.

So anyway, he’s pulling my legs up by this time….kinda like this..



…with my legs a little more elevated. I recommend every women, if you haven’t, TRY THISS! I am not joking. I don’t know if this hits that “G-spot” or what, but this is definitely the business. So now, we wanna try something different. I get up, first, because I feel something drippin. I look down and see a big wet spot on the bed. He’s like “dang, I must have hit that spot.” I just hesitantly laughed that off but I get up, get a towel and the sh*t is dripping down my legs and I mean dripping. I have, WE have never experienced that before. I was even a little shocked and happy about that one.

So, we get the towel, he turns me around in the doggy position and we start getting down again. I’m getting low, we’re in like a rhythmic motion right now and it’s very intense. His hands are on my shoulders while he’s still giving me the business. I’m biting on his fingers to keep from ripping my own skin and he’s loving it.

So, he turns me over once again. Still in the heat of the moment, still in the middle of the fantasy. We start going at it again, he’s giving me deep, long, great strokes and I can hardly control myself, but I do. This experience is unlike any other we have ever had. Definitely have to be doing that again but, anyway, after about 10 more minutes of this we finish the session, I get up and all he says is “Dang, those fantasies are really something.” I just started laughing, because I knew it was true.

So, the moral of the story is…if you have a fantasy or fantasies get them basterds fulfilled!!!!!

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