…i’m bacccckkkkk w/ Erica Eggum.

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I have really been very busy lately and haven’t had time to upload to the site. I have been working diligently trying to get my degree and catching up with things I need to do and figuring out wtF I AM DOING IN LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!

HOWEVER, I never forgot about you guys and I know we love our little guilty pleasures! So I was surfing around the net today and since I am such a Bad Girls Club fan I came across our little known cast member from the most recent BGC season that has ended…Erica.

Come to find out her last name is Eggum, also come to find out she has NUDE PICTURES…what a SHOCKER!! Haha, anyway if anyone was going to do it I would think it would be her or Catya, but however, to make this even less shocking Erica was constantly getting down, getting some in the Bad Girls House w/ that big fat booty. She looks good.


–courtesy of Bourgy. && it seems that she lost hecka weight since being on the show, either way, nice looking girl.

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a Tribute to the Living….b/c people should be remembered before Death!!!

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I want to start another posting thread on dedications and remembrance. I have always thought that people get the most recognition when they die, so I’m going to try to change that.

I will be posting a few pictures of people that I am a fan of, WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! They may not all be popular right now, but I know if they died lots of people would miss them. So here’s my the living!

First Post: J-Lo.

–I loved this chick in Selena. She has a fabulous body, had twins and she still looks great. I believe most of these are old pics however, so enjoy!

I just think this chick is so gorgeous!! Best of Luck to you J-Lo in all that you do!!

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President Obama on Kanye West

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I think this is so messed up what they did to Obama. He clearly thought they were on a break, however the cameras were still rolling. I don’t know how most people think about what he said, whether he was out of line or not but Obama is still a human being. He has feeling and convictions just the same as we do. I love him for saying what he feels! You can tell however, he knew that he shouldn’t have said it due to all the backlash he may receive…

So do you guys think he was out of line? Should he have even spoken on the subject? Does it make it OK that he didn’t think it was going to be aired?

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Kanye’s Apology on Jay Leno.

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Ya’ll go easy on him, he’s going through a hard time. You can tell he’s still emotional about his mom’s death and that’s something he may never get over…

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I hate Talking to People like This…LORD. Please Forgive Me!

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I guess Football can definitely damage your brain in the end…NOT EdiTED!

I thought it was at first, but this is actually him talking. I don’t know if he has a st-st-st-stuttering problem or if he was just that nervous but this definitely was an


On the other hand, he’s not getting paid for his public speaking. He’s getting paid to be hit and hit back.

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Dang, Tyra!! I see the Cougar in ya girl!!!!!!

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As everyone knows Bow Wow has been crushing on Tyra Banks for a long time. Even though his Twitts just became “major news” I think he has always had a thing for her. However, I do think Tyra is just playing with this boys emotions..

He’s never gonna measure up to her older man…but showing him some love was off the hook Tyra!! I LOVE this Chick!


When I first saw this I couldn’t believe my eyes because Tyra is usually the one that brushes off all those wise remarks about her beauty but he serenaded her and he’s been talking about her for a while so she just had to give him something! Lol. She had to..

I believe this show airs on Sept. 7th, Monday. The next day will be Tyra’s “all natural” show.

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Chris Brown Interview… Chris, you might as well have Stayed HOME!

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…this little “spoof” may be a little excessive but it hits on some good points. Chris is trying to gain back his popularity but he will NEVER do so if he doesn’t take responsibility for what he did. This guy is in COMPLETE DENIAL. I have never been the one to tell someone to apologize if they don’t mean it, but in America, right now, he is not being well received. No one is buying his albums. He’s not touring. No one is feeling the Chris Brown that everyone, just a few years ago, couldn’t get enough of. I think people just want Chris to say, “OK. I made a mistake and I was totally wrong for putting my hands on a woman, especially a woman that I love.”

He’s doing everything in his power to NOT do that and it’s really backfiring. Rihanna has moved on with her life and he’s stuck in this vicious loop that he’s NOT going to get out of unless he explains to America what was going through his head. Everyone saw the pictures of what he did and for him to say he doesn’t remember?? It’s unacceptable.

…and furthermore, what I thought was the craziest part of the interview was when they aired his prior apology. When they aired it, Chris started “laughing,” he really just had a little smirk on his face.

I really couldn’t believe that! I know he was trying to hold in it but it was evident that he found it humurous!

Even though everyone knows that apology was fake, he really just proved it and i’m surprised that that portion of the interview hasn’t turned into a huge deal. After that I really didn’t even want to watch the Interview anymore, but of course I did && TIVO’d it. Lol.

**So…Everybody let me know what you think about this situation?

Does he need to own up to what he did or should everyone just forget about this?

Are there more important things going on? Do you think his career will be the same?

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Can’t talk freaky around JOE! He gets uncomfortable! I guess he got a rep to protect!

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This video is from a radio show called Lip Service. I have never heard the show live or anything, just found it on YouTube. It’s pretty interesting.

Basically there are two freaky-deeky females that have plenty of celebrity guests. They just ask them off the hook questions about sex, about what they like, about what the celeb would let them do….&& so on && so forth.

These chicks are really comfortable with themselves, and really doing a lot. I wonder if they are considered to be some “hoes.” I really don’t know how they get down so I don’t just wanna say it like that, but from this radio show it seems they get pretty down && dirty with it.

So, on this show they had “nice guy” Joe in the spotlight. He was kinda into it but in the end he wasn’t having it. I’m sure if the mics && cams weren’t in his face he probably would have been down to have sex with them (just speculating) but in the end he was trying to protect his image…shoot..his “mom could be watching.”

I respect Joe for that though. He was thinking about his fans that do see him as that good guy. He wanted to uphold that for them, so you really can’t knock him.

What do you guys think? Would you look at Joe differently (or any “nice R&B singer guy), would you like them or their music any less??

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MJ Tribute

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I don’t care how much time goes by or how much his death dies off to other people. I really just can’t believe that he is gone. He was only 50 years old && yes frail, but still had a longer life ahead of him. I don’t wanna be selfish and say he should still be here if he didn’t want to be, but if he did then that’s what should have happened. I don’t wanna speculate about the death, I just wanna celebrate in his life.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson!
You will be && your music will be missed!!!!







–this is a sweet && sad video. It’s just so evident how much people loved && worshipped Michael (even before death). I know this girl will remember that forever.

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