Jersey Shore Cast…as kids!??!??

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So, I have to admit that I have fallen victim to the Jersey Shore craze. When MTV first starting airing the show I really wasn’t into it. I never watched an episode and really didn’t care too. When Jersey Shore came about everyone had a reality show. They seemed to be about anything and they were all the same…drama, drama, drama, arguing and fighting. However, as you guys may know I am a HUGE fan of the Bad Girls Club so sometimes I love the drama. I watch every episode of BGC religiously. However one day after a BGC rerun went off there was nothing else on TV (&& I do love reality shows) so I ended up watching one of the last episodes of the Jersey Shore from the first season. After that I was HOOKED!! I think I love the show so much because my living situation  is similar, which is not ideal. I am more like the Sammi type in my household just b/c these people are so fake and phony and I can’t deal, but anyway, before I get off topic..

I was surfing the web and came across this “Jersey Shore Cast as kids” picture and was interested to see what they may have looked like as kids. However when I saw the picture I soon realized this was not the actual cast but this was some parent who dressed their kids up as some of the cast members and posted it on the internet. Personally I thought it was just a fun and cute thing to do, but as I started reading the comments posted on Bourgy a lot of people thought this picture was in bad taste.

A lot of them took it as far as to say the “dad wants his daughters to grow up and be strippers,” which to me, is a crazy thing to say. I think in this day people take things WAYYY too seriously. All of the apologies that have been demanded from celebrities that may have “said the wrong thing” and others careers that have been ended over making mistakes, to me, is ridiculous. We are all human, we all make mistakes and yea you have a responsibility to be a role model as a celebrity but no one can do the right thing all of the time.

So I wanted to know what you guys thought about the picture, about the posting of the picture and about the parents dressing their kids up as Jersey Shore cast members?!? I’m interested to see what you guys think…

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President Obama on Kanye West

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I think this is so messed up what they did to Obama. He clearly thought they were on a break, however the cameras were still rolling. I don’t know how most people think about what he said, whether he was out of line or not but Obama is still a human being. He has feeling and convictions just the same as we do. I love him for saying what he feels! You can tell however, he knew that he shouldn’t have said it due to all the backlash he may receive…

So do you guys think he was out of line? Should he have even spoken on the subject? Does it make it OK that he didn’t think it was going to be aired?

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Track Star* Caster Semenya given Makeover for Mag. What do you think!??

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I haven’t really been following this story that much, but I have heard the rumors. Apparently this person, Semenya, was thought to have been a man posing as a woman in track events. She is a South African runner and has gained a lot of spotlight due to her “manly” looking features.

Now, when this issue first got heated this is the picture that I saw..


I was for sure convinced that this person was a male. There is a very prominent jaw, a wide face. Going further down, you can tell this person is in shape which is what had me a little confused. A small chest is never indicate of gender but these definitely looked like pecks to me. What convinced me, though, was what followed. This person’s shape is sort of like a V, sort of like a man’s shape. There are absolutely no hips, but wide legs, which I thought wasn’t really a characteristic of a women.

However, it has newly surfaced that this woman was duped into what she thought was a drug test. It turned out they were actually testing her gender. So, in the midst of all this, a You magazine cover comes out. Will it be successful in silencing the “critics” of her womanhood? Only time will tell…


What do you guys think about this situation? Is it really that serious?

How does it make you feel about Americans? Toward Africans?

…all comments appreciated!
–the Vixen.

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