10 Reasons why if you WERE going to get the NANA, Why you’re NOT NOW!!

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Number 10….

Hey, first and foremost I would like to make it clear that sometimes a chick DOES just want  to play with your mind. If you let her, a women will make you think you’re gonna get it so she can get something out of the deal (I.E. a drink at the club, or a free meal. LOL.) when in all actuality, there was never a chance of you getting close to her bedroom.  I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s life.

Number 9.

You’re probably not gonna get it if you seem really pressed and desperate to get it. We’re gonna wonder why you haven’t been getting any. We’re gonna think something is wrong with you, or you’re either mentally disturbed (depending on the aggressiveness).

Number 8.

You’re probably not gonna get it if you seemed cool from a safe distance but once I got close to you all I smell is Fun-yuns (or what seems to be Fun-yuns)…in other words, If you’re in dire need of a mint, lifesaver, tic-tac or a bath…you’re probably not gonna get it.

Number 7.

You’re probably not gonna get it if we had a great night but you had to go and ruin it by getting hella drunk and annoying!!

Number 6.

You’re probably not gonna get it if you’re much more into your friends than the women you’re with. (Example: We’re on a date and you answer ALL of their calls and barely talk to the woman you’re with.) **This doesn’t apply if you’re actually not interested in the woman.

Number 5.

You’re probably not gonna get it if you were just too touchy feely and you don’t even know the woman THAT WELL. NO PDA’s if we’re not a couple dude!

Number 4.

You’re probably not gonna get it if your phone is ringing non-stop… You and I both know it’s your main thang calling, especially when you decide to turn your phone off or step outside for a minute to “handle some business.”

Number 3.

You’re probably not gonna get it if you’re trying to fill my head with pipe dreams like “Girl, you know I wanna be with you.” & “You’re not like all these other chicks.” We know it’s a lie, don’t try to decieve me into thinking i’m “something special to you” and we barely know each other.

Number 2.

You’re probably not gonna get it if you caught my eye, but when I surveyed you from head to toe, this is what I find…

Clean Shaven Face && Head!?!?? CHECK!

Cute Face?? CHECK.

Nice shirt???? CHECK.

Nice, ironed pants/Jeans??? CHECK??.

Nice Shoes!??!??…FAIL..

If your whole get up is on point (even if it’s not) your shoes cannot be leaning or dingy or any of the above! You will gets NOOO play!

&& the number one reason why you just played yourself out of an overnight stay….

You done said something stupid.

…if you have any to add, feel free…

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It’s that Natural Hair Time AGAIN!!! Post #3 9/10/09

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It’s PRODUCT REVIEW TIME!!. This is my first actual review on just one product and I wanted my first review to be on the product that I love the most. Whenever i’m styling my natural hair I HAVE to use this product to get and maintain my style throughout the day.

I have been using this product for about two months now and I am loving it!! It helps so much with the transitioning process, as well as styling. I really don’t know how I ever did without it. That’s when you KNOW you’ve found a good product, when you feel like you’re hair isn’t the same without it. Yea, that’s how I feel about this product. So, as some of you know, I am in the process of a Natural Hair Journey. I have chopped off the back of my hair and left the front longer, for styling purposes. When I was permed however, I was always looking for the one product that would give me that extra little smoothness that this product ….

ecostyler gel

gives you.

**Sidenote* I just want to make it clear this product is great for natural or relaxed hair.

I had searched high and low for the right type of gel, could never find it, so I gave up on gels all together. This was at a time when I was a lot younger. I felt like my new growth had to be tamed. I had to make it look like I had a fresh relaxer. See, that’s just part of the entrapment that a relaxer causes to someone that uses them. Every single gel I used back then either made my hair extra hard or extra flaky. I’m sure many of you (that use gel) have experienced what i’m talking about. You gel your hair down for a style one day and then the next day it is full of little brown crusty thingys. Lol. 

We women know that is not a good look but sometimes it’s hard to find a gel that doesn’t produce those side effects.

Now i’ve found one. Even though this is a great product however, I don’t want to be misleading and not give a person interested in this product all of the facts. This EcoStyler gel can  make your hair a little hard but it does easily wash out. When you’re rinsing it out it feels as if you’re dealing with conditioner and there is practically no build-up with this product. Once you gel something down, trust, IT WILL STAY DOWN AND BE TAMED LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS! Lol. You don’t have to constantly re-gel.

**a little tip* if you add something under the gel, such as Shea Butter, Cantu Leave-In or some type of protectant then that alleviates the hardness issue.

Even though i’m ranting and raving about his product I can’t take all the credit for finding it. On my YouTube I have subscribed to many natural ladies who are doing their thang in the self hair-care world. One of my fav’s however is PrettyDimples01. She always used to (and still does) rave about the EcoStyler Gel. I know, by how much  she was talking about it that it had to be a good product. After trying it, I knew she was right and I will probably never use another Gel in life.

**Sidenote: It was a little hard for me to find, but Sally’s should have it. When I bought it the price was around 2 for $5 for a big jar of it (like the picture) so it’s a great value!

So, I hope this post helps out some of my African-American natural and relaxed ladies (Yea, we don’t discriminate around these parts!!)

If you’re looking for a nice gel then try this one and tell me what you think.

If you already are using EcoStyler Gel let everyone know what you think about it, good or bad.

If you use something else enlighten me/us on that as well!

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Tyra Banks, Letting it alllll hang OUT! Or should I say Down!?

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Tyra finally reveals her NATURAL hair. I’m so happy for her, all that female empowerment she talks, it’s about time.

…aww. Tyra is so BeautifuL!

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Feedback from You Guys!!!

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So, today I just changed my URL from to

I just want to know what you guys think about my site, feel free to comment (good or bad). I am a growing blog and I would love some tips && suggestions on things I could be doing better. Also, if you feel like there are certain topics that should/shouldn’t be included I would love to know that as well.

Anything you can add would be greatly appreciated!!!

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A Few Natural Hair tips for my Ladies!!! Natural Hair Post #3 9/1/09

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1. —> The “Golden Rule.”

— Keep your Hair Moisturized Ladies!! I cannot stress this enough. This will make your hair much stronger and will help you to retain length. When I started my journey I found a great moisturizer that I LOVEEEE!! I can now tell you that my hair thanks me everyday! (The moisturizer that I use is mentioned in both of my previous Natural Hair Posts.)

African-American hair needs moisture, as well as a good conditioner to stay healthy.

2. —> Find the RIGHT CONDITIONER for YOUR hair.

— Instant and Leave-In Conditioners are great for African-American hair. They coat, give the hair body and they shine, rapidly. The right conditioner can do wonders for your hair. Conditioners serve the purpose of reconstructioning and preventing any further damage to the hair. However, these conditioners often contain “cones” or silicones, which make the hair look shiny but also seals the cuticles off. When the cuticles are sealed off, anything else you try to add to the hair (such as a moisturizer) WILL NOT be able to penetrate the hair strand until the hair is washed. So, try to use a Conditioner, Hair Lotion or a Leave-In that doesn’t contain any silicones. These will help to protect the hair during the day. Also, try to choose an all natural lotion with EFA’s and Natural Oils.


— Ladies, one of the most important parts of maintaining length while “transitioning” or while natural is to find a deep penetrating conditioner, that works for your hair. This is a conditioner that absorbs into the hair shaft to improve overall health and appearance. These are usually made from Keratin and Amino Acids. Some good oils that could be added to your conditioner are


These are all penetrating moisture-rich oils which contain protein and vitamins that help to reduce breakage and splitting.

**Make sure to thoroughly rinse out any conditioner in your hair! (unless, of course, it’s a Leave-In)

4. —> Don’t Forget to Shampoo!

Now, I haven’t been natural that long and still not completely natural so i’ve heard all the buzz about cowashing. I’ve used this method and it works great, but you can’t forget to shampoo your hair. The most important thing to remember is that you just don’t want to over shampoo your hair. Even if you shampoo twice a month, it will help your hair, but don’t think that you NEED shampoo to have healthy hair. As an African-American we must protect against dry hair and also an unhealthy, clogged and dirty scalp. I wash once every week, but, like I said, once every two weeks is fine. It’s best to try to use a moisturizing shampoo or a natural shampoo with all natural products and oils. Also, it’s becoming more and more popular to make your own shampoo.

5. —> When styling from Home, Section EvenlY!

I remember in my relaxing days how frustrated I would get with my new growth. I used to HATE working with it. I used to just wish I could rip it apart. When taking out my braids…mannnn. I just felt like cutting my hair off, so many times. I was impatient with my hair but along my journey i’ve learned to be more patient with my hair. I’ve learned that it takes time to learn the ins and outs of AA hair and you just have to think about the health of it in the end. I recommend finding a good, natural hair oil and apply directly to the scalp and distribute down to the ends, concentrating there. Follow with a Leave-In or Hair Lotion and/or Moisturizer and repeat daily. Most importantly TAKE YOUR TIME. I know how frustrating it can be, but eventually you will learn.

My 6th and Last Step—> Pay CLOSE Attention to your ENDS!!

This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR HAIR, because it’s the “deadest” you have to take extra special care of your ends if your goal is to maintain length. African-American hair needs lots of care, lots of moisture as the ends. When conditioning or even applying protein treatments/hair lotion, etc., target your ends!

**IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED MORE CLARIFICATION PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS POST! If you have any questions on the products that I use just refer back to my previous “Natural Hair Posts.”**

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Natural Hair Post #2: 8/21/09

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so.. this is my second post about my Natural Hair Journey. I was recently rocking some cornrows (that I did myself by the way) and just took that transition style down. I just wanted to do a quick update on what i’m doing to my hair since I took my braids down && how I keep it moisturized. It seems that my hair has grown at least a half-inch, as well, but those braids also take a toll. I’m glad that I don’t have to constantly comb my hair everyday, but I easily get frustrated when unraveling. I had many many knots and tangles and I was literally ripping at my hair && now I regret it. I know I should NOT have done my hair like that but next time i’ll try to do better. I’m still new to this “demarcation line” so hair, please bare with me!

Before I braided my hair up && after my big chop (in the back) I wasn’t really comfortable wearing my hair out but now that it has grown some I love it…I think it’s pretty nice. It’s also helping me to embrace && love my natural hair as it is. I will probably add pics later. I just don’t really have the time tonight.

My Moisturizer
–My Moisturizer.

While in transition mode, I have been rocking the two-strand twist style, as well as the braids (switching of). I am loving this transition style. It’s easy to do && it helps to keep your hair moisturized. What I usually do is just twist my hair at night (while wet), applying my shea butter mixture && moisturizer to each of the strands to twist. This way my entire head gets equal treatment when it comes to the care of it. I may sometimes also spray my hair with this little concoction of mine: mostly just different types of oils && water just to keep my hair extra soft.

–This is a link to a tutorial of RusticBeauty’s two strand twist, just for those of you that are curious as to what i’m talking about in this post..

In the morning I just undo the twists && style as I choose. Most of the time you have to pick out the roots because it’s easy for the hair to keep the parts you make in order to twist.

So I just wake up, untwist, pick apart the strands && then pick out the roots for more fullness..

I’m sure this is a common and well-known transitioning && natural style. Wish me luck on my journey!!
Tips && Suggestions are much appreciated!!!!!!!

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….I knew it was only a matter of time. Amber Rose on the beach, doing her job!. LOL.

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Here are a couple snapshots taken of Amber Rose while on the beach with Kanye. They seemed to be having fun. Kanye doesn’t seem to like all the media attention they were getting though.

I somehow feel that Amber knew exactly what she was doing, considering there had to be tons of paparazzi surrounding them, just snapping pics, but from a used-to-be stripper I would expect it.

I knew it was only a matter of time. She has done many nude photos w/o actually showing anything so it was bound to happen.


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to be classy, or not to be classy. That is her question.

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this Real Chance of Love 2 girl “Classy” takes some racy photos.

I wonder if they chose the right name for her or not?? Can a lady still be classy && take internet photos like these??

So this one is seemingly OK, but for a “Classy” lady, IDK, but the rest are much more provocative..






So, what do you guys think?? Should she have done these photos?? Is this something that you would have expected from her, or is it all the same?

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Halle BERRRRYYY, Halle Berryy.

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I ran across this blog that I thought was very interesting and I saw this video. I wasn’t going to post it, just for the simple fact that I saw in on another blog, but I blog about all types of things that I come across so I decided to post it anyway..

The video was posted on Hildi’s Funky Fresh Blog, which is in my blogroll. Check her out. One day i’ll let her know how i’m repping her blog && hopefully she’ll do the same thing for me!! So shouts to her and here is Halle Berry dancing to her own song from Hurricane Chris…

I have never really listened to this song because I don’t listen to the radio anymore, but I have always heard about it. Don’t know if Halle ever listened to it or what, but she was gettin’ it. Lol. Halle got some moves && I love what she is wearing. GO GIRL!

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