…i’m bacccckkkkk w/ Erica Eggum.

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I have really been very busy lately and haven’t had time to upload to the site. I have been working diligently trying to get my degree and catching up with things I need to do and figuring out wtF I AM DOING IN LIFE RIGHT NOW!!!!

HOWEVER, I never forgot about you guys and I know we love our little guilty pleasures! So I was surfing around the net today and since I am such a Bad Girls Club fan I came across our little known cast member from the most recent BGC season that has ended…Erica.

Come to find out her last name is Eggum, also come to find out she has NUDE PICTURES…what a SHOCKER!! Haha, anyway if anyone was going to do it I would think it would be her or Catya, but however, to make this even less shocking Erica was constantly getting down, getting some in the Bad Girls House w/ that big fat booty. She looks good.


–courtesy of Bourgy. && it seems that she lost hecka weight since being on the show, either way, nice looking girl.

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….I knew it was only a matter of time. Amber Rose on the beach, doing her job!. LOL.

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Here are a couple snapshots taken of Amber Rose while on the beach with Kanye. They seemed to be having fun. Kanye doesn’t seem to like all the media attention they were getting though.

I somehow feel that Amber knew exactly what she was doing, considering there had to be tons of paparazzi surrounding them, just snapping pics, but from a used-to-be stripper I would expect it.

I knew it was only a matter of time. She has done many nude photos w/o actually showing anything so it was bound to happen.


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New Twerk Team Post!! Been waiting on them to do this song….

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Oh yea, and they are all getting better. Lady L needed the most work but she is getting there…I don’t know wassup with that towel though..

I can’t believe they didn’t do this earlier.
This is like the best shaking song ever! Not that I would know anything about that!


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…dang Jamie. That’s what i’m talking about!!

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These pics right here have been CIR-CU-LA-TING!! This pics are everywhere. Even though MTO had to take them down, you can still find them on about 100 other sites. Anyway, I don’t know what Jamie is trippin’ on. He is looking hella good!! This is the kinda candy that us ladies need anyway. Men get it all the time. All these girls are just taking their clothes off for the cam at a moments notice && guys are never all the way revealed. Sorry for the guys that come across this but I had to do it.

–this is just a little teaser. Jamie has like the perfect body that I LOVEEEEE!

–NOW THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!! I love me some Jamie Foxx man!

…and on a lighter note..

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The Twerk Team really be Twerkin’ it though!

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Sooo..as you guys know I LOVESS my YouTube subscriptions. Mostly I have subbed to many natural hair females & also one that’s not natural, but has many great tips && styles. So one day I was on Youtube and I just stumble onto this “girl group” (you could say) of dancers.

They call themselves the Twerk Team.

The members consist of: Lady L, Miss Twerksum && Betty Butt. Not really feeling Betty’s name but OK, it’s not mine, so to each his own. I don’t know how or even why I started watching these videos but they are pretty good, or should I say VERRY good at what THEY do. I have actually just recently subscribed to them && but I can say I love the videos.

I could sit here all day and give you all types of reasons why they shouldn’t do this or that and what they should be doing instead, but at the same time everyone is different. Everybody is looking for a come up nowadays and I think they have found a perfect way to get their foot in the door, even if they do have to go the back way. They already know guys are going to love the videos and it only takes the right guy to notice them, then they are on their way to being on top. I’m not saying there aren’t any women in high places, but they probably wouldn’t endorse a group like this. Honestly I really don’t know if I would. Then again that’s more money to be made but I would really just have to be in the situation to actually know what I would do.

I am posting one of their vids that I enjoy and you guys let me know if you enjoy the video & why or why not? What do you think about the “Twerk Team”?? Would you be involved in a group like this or what?? Would you pay to go see their performances?? Inquiring minds would LOVE to know. Lol.


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