Ya’ll remember Serious from Flavor of Love?? If you don’t I bet you will Now!!!

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Apparently, Cristal, or “Serious” set up a live U-Stream account in which I believe she was hosting for about 24 hrs. In the middle of her videos she starts taking off some clothing. Maybe she’s trying to build her “career” back, who knows…anyway, here are the pics.

Serious Nude.jpg

Serious Nude.jpg

Serious Nude.jpg

Serious Nude.jpg

Serious Nude.jpg

I don’t know WHAT THIS ONE was about. Lol.

Serious Nude.jpg


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WOw….OK. Jessica Falandys now: My Antonio.

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I don’t even know who this chick is, but I don’t watch this show too much.

Jessica Falandys Nude.jpg

Jessica Falandys Nude.jpg

Jessica Falandys Nude.jpg

Jessica Falandys Nude.jpg

Jessica Falandys Nude.jpg

To all her fans enjoy. She’s a very beautiful girl.

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a Tribute to the Living….b/c people should be remembered before Death!!!

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I want to start another posting thread on dedications and remembrance. I have always thought that people get the most recognition when they die, so I’m going to try to change that.

I will be posting a few pictures of people that I am a fan of, WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! They may not all be popular right now, but I know if they died lots of people would miss them. So here’s my tribute..to the living!

First Post: J-Lo.

–I loved this chick in Selena. She has a fabulous body, had twins and she still looks great. I believe most of these are old pics however, so enjoy!

I just think this chick is so gorgeous!! Best of Luck to you J-Lo in all that you do!!

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For the “My Antonio” Fans, here’s Anju McIntyre. Another one added to the List!!

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I don’t watch “My Antonio,” but I know some of you do…so here ya go..

Anju Nude.jpg

Anju Nude.jpg

Anju Nude.jpg

Anju Nude.jpg

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Frenchy, Frenchy, Frenchy…Wee wee. NSFW PPL!!

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Every time I turned around on I Love Money this girl was always flashing somebody, so it was no surprise to me when these pics turned up. I was going to post them up earlier but just didn’t feel convinced enough to do it. Now I finally caved in. So…heeeerrreee we go..


&& these pics are about a week old so plz forgive me!



Man, you can’t say this chick’s body is not on point.



Chick is also a porn star. Also, I thought her chest was a little unreal but now, after further investigation she MAY be all naturale’ but don’t quote me on that…

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….I knew it was only a matter of time. Amber Rose on the beach, doing her job!. LOL.

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Here are a couple snapshots taken of Amber Rose while on the beach with Kanye. They seemed to be having fun. Kanye doesn’t seem to like all the media attention they were getting though.

I somehow feel that Amber knew exactly what she was doing, considering there had to be tons of paparazzi surrounding them, just snapping pics, but from a used-to-be stripper I would expect it.

I knew it was only a matter of time. She has done many nude photos w/o actually showing anything so it was bound to happen.


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…dang Jamie. That’s what i’m talking about!!

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These pics right here have been CIR-CU-LA-TING!! This pics are everywhere. Even though MTO had to take them down, you can still find them on about 100 other sites. Anyway, I don’t know what Jamie is trippin’ on. He is looking hella good!! This is the kinda candy that us ladies need anyway. Men get it all the time. All these girls are just taking their clothes off for the cam at a moments notice && guys are never all the way revealed. Sorry for the guys that come across this but I had to do it.

–this is just a little teaser. Jamie has like the perfect body that I LOVEEEEE!

–NOW THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!! I love me some Jamie Foxx man!

…and on a lighter note..

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Punisher!??!?!? you getting too MUCH credit mannn..

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Punisher MeganwantsaMillionaire

So, I was watching another Reality Show last night as I often do and it was the Premiere Episode of “Megan wants a Millionaire” first of all I don’t even know whyyy she has a show. This chick, I don’t like her. She is manipulative and selfish. She doesn’t even care about people, which is apparent in this new show..

So anyway, the show starts off with her talking about how much $$ you should have if you want to be with her. She was telling viewers what you have to do for her && how much stuff she wants you to buy for her. Now I know this is all for show but WHO in their RIGHT MIND would want a girl like her?

Just for EYE CANDY?

OMG. You just can’t be serious, what is this world coming too??

I mean, I just don’t understand why this skeez can’t get her own Mula?!? Or maybe she does have it and just wants to spend someone else’s. Either way the concept of this show is pretty dumb, but regardless I know I will be watching. All of these reality shows are very entertaining…to me.

However, I did read somewhere that VH1 only offered Megan a show so that she wouldn’t sue them over her getting attacked by Sharon Osbourne, her Charm School teacher. That could be true but Megan knows that she had that coming how she was just running her mouth. Well, i’m rambling…so back to the topic…

..Punisher. This dude is a little TOO cocky to be who he is. To ME he is just NOT cute AT ALL && he’s the only black guy. AT LEAST if he was going to be the ONLY one you would think they would pick somebody CUTE. Yea, he has a nice body, but that’s pretty much it. PLUSSSSSSS his body looks weird with that darn infestation on it. He says it’s a birthmark, but that things looks rough, bumpy && infected. That is just not cute at all.

I really don’t like talking about people but I just really had to let that out. I doubt that he will get that far in the show unless he starts fights with people. However, if they are kicking off instigators now, then maybe he won’t be on the show long, regardless.

Oh yea, so Sex Toy Dave…I knew I had seen him somewhere before and he has definitely been on Millionaire Matchmaker with Patti. I love Patti! She keeps it real!

Here is a Screen Shot of him and the chick he went out with. She was very very pretty but he turned her down because he said she was too much for him. He said he wanted an aggressive chick but she was too aggressive. Basically she just wanted to do it to him…

Sex Toy Dave && Match

Oh yea…check out Megan here..For the Guys && some girls.
—this is what’s under that Kini you guys! Lol.
Megan Under Kini
more @ Bourgy..

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