…an Oldy, but Goody! Well, Kinda…Sorta!!

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So, sorry you guys. I have been gone for sooooo long!! Too Long!

Too years to long. However i’m back, trying to re-invent and give you guys what you need.

I was inspired to do this comeback post as a “tribute” to my old blog, keeping it in mind and to let you guys know I plan on keeping the realness of my blog while trying to make it better without over doing it.

So, here’s an oldy by Kim Kardashian who has come a long way to not really do much of anything at all!!

Don’t you miss those days where everything wasn’t so fake &&OVERLY photo-shopped!?

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a Tribute to the Living….b/c people should be remembered before Death!!!

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I want to start another posting thread on dedications and remembrance. I have always thought that people get the most recognition when they die, so I’m going to try to change that.

I will be posting a few pictures of people that I am a fan of, WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE!! They may not all be popular right now, but I know if they died lots of people would miss them. So here’s my tribute..to the living!

First Post: J-Lo.

–I loved this chick in Selena. She has a fabulous body, had twins and she still looks great. I believe most of these are old pics however, so enjoy!

I just think this chick is so gorgeous!! Best of Luck to you J-Lo in all that you do!!

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Women can be cheaters too!! Top 5 reasons why…

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I was checking my email just a few minutes ago and came across this article on Yahoo entitled, “Why do Women Cheat?” Usually I don’t even pay attention to these types of articles because i’m a woman that really doesn’t do that, but this one came up with the top five reasons why. I wanted to see if I agreed with them or not…
Guess what!?!?


I haven’t cheated on a boyfriend but IF I did, one or all of these following reasons would be why..

1. Feeling Lonely in a Relationship
–this one is definitely true, some would say the most common. There are many times when a woman feels like she is the only one in the relationship that’s committed. She’s the only one trying to make it work it. When times like that arise it makes a woman wonder why are they even in a relationship to begin with. Also, in a relationship both parties should be feel like they could talk to their partner about anything, but sometimes men just don’t understand or don’t even want to hear what you have to say. Sometimes a relationship just might not be as “emotionally fulfilling” as a woman would like.

2. Feeling taken for Granted.
— WOw….I think I could post days and days on this topic. I also think that this reason is for both men and woman. Woman are automatically supposed to be the more nurturing species && they take care of their man but when a man never thanks a woman or just acts like all that she is doing is what she is supposed to do then that’s when it becomes an unappreciation, I think (if that’s a word. lol). I know plenty of women that would do any and everything that her man asks, but many times when it comes down to a favor or even something that the woman needs, the man is quick to have something more important to do.

3. You are Leading Seperate Lives.
— Now I also think this pertains to both sexes. Leading seperate lives is basically just asking for one person in the relationship to cheat. A seperate life really means that both people in the relationship say they are together and may sleep in the same bed but during the day they are living as single people. Whether it be if they are constantly working and not wanting to come home from work, or whether they are going to see another person they have interest in. It’s healthy to have your own life, true, but sometimes you have to make time for what’s most important. If you’re not doing that then it means you don’t want to make time for the relationship. You have to make time for a healthy relationship, if you want it to work. When you’re not doing that and really living “seperate lives” that’s when it becomes a problem.

4. Revenge can be Bittersweet
— #4 is a little bit more about your character. There are some woman out here that no matter what their guy does they would never cheat on him, they would rather leave. On the other hand, there is only a certain amount that a person can take. Getting revenge can always be sweet but not always the right thing to do. However, in an upset state of mind all of those morals and values sometimes fly out of the window.

5. The Ego Needs Stroking
— Yes, woman have egos too. Sometimes a woman is just not getting what she needs at home. Maybe she wants someone to tell her she’s beautiful and make her feel wanted. If a woman really needs that and is not getting it then the chances of her cheating are much greater. Just as a man may need an ego boost in the same way woman surprisingly need it too.

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